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To become a driver, please register below.
All information entered is confidential and secure.

This is an opportunity to work for yourself and create your own schedule, while saving lives and keeping our roads safer for everyone. You will come in contact with consumers in need of your service. Sign up as a DD4Hire™ driver and list all zip codes you are willing to work in

  • You Make Money
    Please input your zip code on the left to see how much you can make!

    DD4Hire will collect a small transaction fee for each booking you complete...so we only make money if you do!

    For the safety of our members, you are required to complete an online Federal Background Check yearly for a $10.00 fee. After you enroll, you will be guided through the short process.

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    DD4Hire has the ability to call your phone to leave a voice message about pending events. Choose if and where you want the voice message delivered.
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