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Participating Bars and Restaurants

(Not available in all areas)

  • Applebees (Youngstown)
  • Bill's Place (Youngstown)
  • Blue Wolf Tavern (Youngstown)
  • Buffalo Wild Wings (Youngstown)
  • Cafe Cimmento (Youngstown)
  • Caffe` Capri (Youngstown)
  • The Cell (Youngstown)
  • Chipper's Sports Bar (Youngstown)
  • Coconut Grove (Youngstown)
  • Davidson's Restaurant (Youngstown)
  • Fifth Season (Youngstown)
  • Fireplace Restaurant (Youngstown)
  • Home Parties (Youngstown)
  • Inner Circle Pizza (Youngstown)
  • Jillian's (Youngstown)
  • The Manor (Youngstown)
  • Mastropletro Winery, Inc. (Youngstown)
  • Beaver Valley Drive Through (Youngstown)
  • O'Donold's Irish Pub (Youngstown)
  • Oscar's (Youngstown)
  • The Point (Youngstown)
  • Rachels (Youngstown)
  • Soffo's (Youngstown)
  • Scacchetti's Italian Steakhouse (Youngstown)
  • Skeeter's Jazz Bar & Grill (Youngstown)
  • Steamer's (Youngstown)
  • Tiffany's Bar & Grille (Youngstown)
  • University Pizzeria & Italian Eatery (Youngstown)
  • Upstairs Restaurant (Youngstown)
  • Vernon's Cafe (Youngstown)
  • West Glen Eatery (Youngstown)
  • WineStyles (Youngstown)
  • Temple Bar Sports Grill (Scottsdale)
  • Star Fleet Yachts (Houston)
  • Evergreen Point Golf Course (Houston)
  • Bakkhus Taverna Greek Restaurant & Bar (Houston)
  • Seabrook Classic Café (Houston)
  • Trey's Sports Bar (Houston)
Other locations added daily.

Also, call from home parties. You, your guests and car will be picked up within 15-45 minutes and delivered home safely.

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